While survivors are being sent wave after wave to run for their lives,  an Apocalypse party to die for (pun not intended) is happening concurrently at the Padang.

Celebrate your survival or imminent zombie transformation at this one-of-a-kind festival complete with food, drinks, live entertainment, and of course, alcohol. There will also be many activities and games lined up that everyone can be a part of.

Participate to win some cool Run For Your Lives swag and awesome prizes from our sponsors.

For those who like to dress-up, we have prizes for the best dressed survivors and zombies (individual and group). Come dressed outrageously and you might walk away with some awesome goodies!

The party starts when the gates open at 2pm all the way through to 11pm (zombies need their beauty sleep too).






Join Asia’s most successful female DJ, Nicole Chen, in a night of revelry and heart-pounding dance numbers. Spinning from 9 – 11pm, she will bring the day’s festivities to a thunderous close.


Seriously. where else can you party like it’s the end of the world?



Running from zombies or chasing after human flesh not your thing? Watch your friends and family run for their lives while enjoying the race safely from the sidelines.


Spectator admission to the event is totally free!


Come experience the all-day Apocalypse Party, where you can enjoy live entertainment, activities, and fun without fear of your brains being eaten.