You need not stick to the traditional drugs if you feel uncomfortable with their consumption anymore. Now, using compounding, you can alter how the drugs would affect your body along with various effects of consumption. Several pharmacies Newport will alter the ingredients according to your wish. You can enjoy the following benefits while you switch to compounded drugs.
Intake of the drug
Let us assume that there is a drug named X and you have to take it to treat your muscle injury. It is in the liquid form that you should consume orally. However, you do not like to consume the drugs in liquid form. So, you will find it difficult to consume the prescribed dosage of the drug daily. There will be no other go in the traditional method of drug consumption than to drink it. However, if you can manage to meet a pharmacist who is licensed to involve in compounding activities, he can convert the same drug into whatever form you wish. If you are okay with applying the drug as a cream, he would do it with compounding.
Allergic effect
You would have experienced some allergic reactions to some kinds of drugs. These effects are not due to the drug as a whole but some ingredients of it that do not work well with your body. So, if you can manage to remove those elements from the drug, you can control the allergic effect and can enjoy the benefits of the drug. Compounding helps you to do so and remove the elements that do not gel with your body. Instead of those elements, you can include equivalent additional ingredients that will help your body in the same way as the original drug would. However, the compounding process should be done only by a licensed pharmacist.