More interested in spreading the infection than running from it?
Then come join our Zombie Horde! Stumble, chase, or crawl after runners and see how many flags you can collect!

The Run For Your Lives Zombie Horde is a special community of zombies who have participated in a Run For Your Lives race as a zombie or are registered to participate as a zombie in a future race. We believe that a lone zombie isn’t much of a threat, so it is important that all members of the Zombie Horde work together to capture those runners’ tasty flags. Expect to be transformed into the most disgusting, brain-hungry zombie while making some undead friends in the process!

Grab some friends and register here to join the coolest group of undead around.


What You Get As A Zombie:

Run For Your Lives Official Event Tee

Admittance to the Apocalypse Party

Event Official Race Pack

Event Race Medal (Infected)

Professional zombie transformation


Zombie Transformation:

The Zombie Transformation Center is where our zombies will undergo their full zombie transformation. Our team of professional make-up artists will help you channel your zombie identity by transforming your outer beauty into a disgusting and hungry zombie. We will also custom shred and bloody your clothes to attract the most delicious brains, so come in your best costume. The entire zombie transformation process will take about 20 minutes, and when you leave the ZTC you will officially be a member of the Zombie Horde. You can kiss humanity goodbye, at least for a few hours.


What type of zombie do I want to be?

Chaser Zombie:

Think you can outrun the living and get the most brains? Then join our horde of “Chaser Zombies.” The job is simple: chase after runners who think they can get by you and don’t let them by grabbing their flags. But be careful, you have to chase inside your zombie zone or risk being a lone zombie, which doesn’t scare anyone.



Stumbler Zombie:

Join the “Stumbler Zombies” and relentlessly pursue those tasty brains by bringing the intimidation through stumbling, crawling, shuffling, dragging, or any other type of slow movement. Success comes in numbers, so stay in the zombie zone and work together with your fellow stumblers to feed your appetite and grab runners’ flags.



Zombies will need to bring:

1. Your best costume. Wardrobe will NOT be provided, so be sure to bring a costume that is ready to be bloodied and shredded.

2. Contact lenses, if you love the haunted, undead eye look.

3. Printed copy of confirmation page with complete and visible barcode.

4. Parent/legal guardian signed waiver (if you are under 18).

5. A change of clothes so you can clean off in the ‘decontamination zone’ and enjoy the festivities after your zombie shift.

6. Your best zombie attitude.


Still have some questions? Check out our zombie FAQs for answers to all things zombie!