chia seeds are readily available and that is why, it is important that you get to know a lot regarding them. The following are some of the information you ought to know about:
They make a great breakfast that is low in carb
Instead of taking oats for breakfast, you can use chia seeds mixed with a cup of a liquid like coconut milk, milk or almond milk. If you like to utilize grated apple, you can as well add also. Either soak overnight in your fridge or leave it for about 20 minutes if you don’t have the time.
They are quite expensive
The label of super food comes with a high price. Definitely not for you if you happen to be on a tight budget. But when they become widespread, this might change and the price might become moderate.
They are grown in most countries
You will readily get the chia seeds being grown in most of the countries across the globe
They are high in the omega – 3s
In case you are not getting enough fish, then you can use chia seeds as an alternative. Just like the omega-3s which are found in flax seeds, there is the chia omega-3s are quite hard for the body to digest as compared to the omega-3s found in the fish. So the best to utilize the ground Chia seeds in making it easy on your body to get the nutrients that they are looking for.
They can be utilized as a replacement for the egg
If you love the eggs, then you can as well combining one tablespoon chia seeds which are grounded with about 3 tablespoons of water for each of the egg which you are replacing.